lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010


The Fallas (pronounced "fires") of Valencia are the best party all around the world.

I write this post in english because I want everyone to know about our "fiesta", and i´m gonna describe the list of awards (cause the Fallas are rated every year, in order to their monumentality, beauty, ... etc.), in english:

First Award: Jerusalem Convent-Mathematical Marzal

Second Award: New Belfry (the most expensive Falla ever)

Third Award: Admiral Cadarso - Count Altea

Fourth Award: Swedish woman - Writer Azorin

Fifth Award: Malvarrosa Avenue - Anthony Ponz - Cavite

Sixth Award: Pillar Square

Seventh Award: Na Jordana Square

Eighth Award: Kingdom of Valencia - Duke of Calabria

Ninth Award: Exposition - Micer Masco

Tenth Award: Cuba - Writer Azorin

And I don´t write more cause I´m tired.


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